Five High Tech Gadgets That Will Up Your Lawn Game


Reading the news in 2014 sometimes makes you feel like you’re living in a sci-fi novel. From robots deactivating bombs to cloned animals to the fact that the smartphone you may be reading right now has more processing power than a ‘70s era super computer, it certainly feels like the future is now. So why are you still taking care of your lawn using Middle Ages technology and techniques? By investing in advanced lawn equipment like EGO’s Power Plus Mower, you can take your lawn the next level. We looked around and found a few other high tech gadgets that will bring your lawn game into the 21st century.


  • The Netatmo Weather Station allows you to be your own meteorologist. By hooking the weather station up to your tablet or smartphone, you can get real time weather information that you can use to plan out your lawn and garden activities. Why wait for a TV weatherman when you can do the work yourself?


  • With the Raindrip Low Flo Sprinkler Kit, you can water your lawn in the most efficient way possible. The Raindrip system effectively waters up to 600 feet of plants and reduces water consumption by up to fifty percent. As an added bonus, the Raindrip Low Flo Kit is relatively inexpensive. You’ll save money on the kit itself AND your water bills.


  • LED Planters are a great way to light up your lawn and garden. While clay pots are great–practical and attractive in their way–why not make your lawn look really unique with LED planters that light up at night?


  • Vegibee is a tool that simulates the effect of a bee’s wings vibrating on a flower. This vibration causes the flower to release pollen, which can be collected on a spoon. This pollen can then be used to pollinate other plants to improve the overall yield of your garden.


  • Your own iPad. You may already own an extremely powerful lawn and garden tool: your tablet. By downloading the right apps, Like Landscaper’s Companion, a comprehensive plant guide, you can turn your iPad into the best landscaping tool money can buy. Find more great lawn and garden apps here.