Lucky Clover: How Clover Makes Your Lawn Better


They say four-leaf clovers are lucky. Most clovers have three leaves, so the rarity of a four-leaf clover is what makes them so lucky. In the world of landscaping, we make our own luck, and adding clover to your grass seed mix is one way to improve the overall quality of your lawn.


Clover, you ask? Isn’t that a weed? Well, what is a weed, really, except a plant growing where you don’t want it?


It’s true that, if you want your lawn to look like a golf course, the texture introduced by clovers and other leafy plants may interfere with the look you are after. But, if you are mostly concerned that your lawn is green and healthy looking, consider clover.  



Why Clover?


  1. Clover is hardy. Whether you have a rainy or dry summer, clover can handle whatever the weather sends your way. Some grasses are drought-resistant. Some do better in colder weather. Some do better when it rains too much. Clover does well in nearly all types of adverse weather.
  2. Clover’s roots are dense. Clover root systems are denser than most grasses, which helps prevent weeds. If you have been looking for a way to deal with weeds in your lawn without using potentially harmful herbicides, clover is just what the doctor ordered.
  3. Clover is relatively pest-free. Far fewer insects eat clover then most grasses. If your lawn becomes beset by pests, clover will stay green and whole when other plants become damaged.
  4. Clover attracts beneficial insects. Honeybees and other beneficial insects love clover. Beneficial insects will improve the quality of not just your clover, but also your grasses and the flowers in your gardens.
  5. It will make your lawn softer and more comfortable to walk on. If you make frequent use of your lawn for parties or other social events, clover feels great on bare feet.


Now, we’re not saying replace your grass with clover altogether. But by adding clover to your grass mix, you create a more vibrant ecosystem within your lawn. This will make your lawn healthier, greener, and more beautiful.