Mow Like the Pros: How to Mow Stripes on Your Lawn


If you have been to a golf course, park, or large public field in the past, you may have noticed that the grass wasn’t just well-manicured, it was mowed into a pattern of stripes. If you have ever wondered how to get perfect striped patterns on your lawn, wonder no more!


The biggest trick to striping a lawn is to mow in different directions. The contrast in striped lawns occurs because grass is bent in two different directions. To stripe your own lawn, mow in a back and forth pattern. When you get to the end of your lawn, turn and mow the adjacent strip of grass in the opposite direction of your initial stripe. Continue mowing like this until you have mowed your entire lawn in stripes.


Now, it’s possible that mowing in different directions will not create stripes as pronounced as you might like. If you want to create lawn stripes that are even more prominent, you need to get your grass to bend even more than it might from mowing alone. The more bent your grass is, the more pronounced the striping effect becomes.


To create a more dynamic striping effect, purchase a lawn striper from your local hardware store. Lawn stripers are rollers that bend the grass blades. By rolling your grass in the pattern you want, you can create a really striking striping effect.


Once you have mastered the art of lawn striping, you can use the same technique to create all kinds of patterns on your lawn. From checkerboard patterns to circle patterns, mowing and rolling can combine to make your lawn one that will be the envy of your whole neighborhood.