How to: Fertilize Your Lawn for Lush Green Grass


The first thing you should know is that the best time to fertilize your lawn is in the spring, and that is right around the corner. The second thing you should know… well, there are actually a bunch of other things you need to know. Take some time before you fertilize to read this guide and get it right the first time.


  1. Timing is Everything. The best time to fertilize your lawn is the spring, once the snow has melted and temperatures are regularly above 50 degrees. Check the forecast to find out when it is supposed to rain. Read the instructions on your fertilizer label.  Some formulations require application to a wet lawn; others need to be watered after the fertilizer is applied.
  2. It’s All About Acid. Before you choose your fertilizer, do a pH test on your lawn to determine your soil acidity. If your soil is acidic, you should purchase a fertilizer that includes alkali to balance out the acidity. If your soil is too basic, you may need to purchase a fertilizer that will raise your lawn’s acidity. A balanced lawn is a happy lawn.
  3. Rent, Buy, or Borrow a Spreader. To spread fertilizer, you need a spreader. These are available at your local hardware store for rent or purchase. Since you probably will not need to use your spreader often (once or twice a year) it may make more sense to rent one. Even better, if you know someone who owns a spreader, you can borrow it.
  4. Follow the Directions. Always follow the directions listed on your fertilizer bag. The fertilizer bag should have instructions that let you know what setting to choose on your spreader and how much fertilizer to spread over your lawn. To avoid stripes and other symptoms of uneven application, consider setting the spreader at half the prescribed rate and then go over the lane twice: make the second application pattern perpendicular to the first application.
  5. Watch Your Grass Grown Lush and Green. Now that you have laid fertilizer down watch your grass grow tall, green, and healthy.